Juthika Hariram & Associates was formed on the 02nd May 1995. Despite the humble and disadvantaged beginning, the firm has grown from strength to strength, becoming noticeable and well-respected amongst peers, colleagues and other law practices and firms.

Juthika Hariram & Associates has over the years, grown to become extremely competent, highly efficient and well equipped to attend to the many facets of legal services.



Over the years the firm has grown to become a force to be reckoned with, in the sense that it has managed to keep abreast with technology to make the rendering of services more efficient. It has also been at the forefront of taking on matters that protect the rights and interests of individuals.

The firm has managed to select and engage the best advocates to assist in matters and this has ensured that the standard of service is constantly maintained at the highest possible level, at all times.



Juthika Hariram & Associates is based on the principle of batho pele. As the firm grows from strength to strength more time will be devoted to the community by the provision of community legal services.

Juthika Hariram & Associates sees itself as being intricately involved in the development and progress of the individual and industry for the improvement of the economy and enhancement of society as a whole.

With this in mind the firm has decided to now focus more attention on representing individuals at criminal trials in both the High Court and Magistrate Court levels, so as to ensure that individuals rights are properly protected, without the fear having to pay exorbitant legal fees.